Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another First, Paper Beads!

My mom has been making necklaces out of paper beads for a couple of months now and she showed me how to make them. They really are easy but a little to tedious for me. I like the looks of the finished necklace though.

The brown beads were bought and I added my home made charm.

The cream colored beads on the necklace were all made out of pages in an old bible I got at a rummage sale. This is what it starts out like:

What do you think? You know I love your comments! Shari


  1. I would never know those beads were made from paper. That's fabulous!!!

  2. Shari,
    These are so pretty, never would of thought of paper.
    Your mom does great work

  3. Shari, another fabulous technique I have never tried! I am in trouble.... your necklace is gorgeous! Love it

  4. Great tag! I'm going to have to try that wire technique.