Monday, January 18, 2010

New Layout I did last night

Several people have asked me about the pleating on this layout. If you go to:
Amyee has a tutorial on her blog on the pleating. Go to her post, good day sunshine and she has a link to scrapbook circle that you can click on. She has a video there on how to do the pleating. Amyee is one talented lady, check out her work.

I made this layout last night. I tried Aymee's (southern belle scrapper's) technique for the pleating. I love her style and always wondered how she did it.

No cricut used on this one...This is my daughter when she was little. I love these pics. of her. She's 16 now.

Let me know what you think. Click on the pic. to zoom in.


  1. Your layout looks fabulous gf! I love the pleating!!!! Thank you for letting me know that you used the tutorial!!! You did a great job with it!! I really love how you used the border punch too! Way to go!


  2. I love the pleating. Please share how you did this. I found your blog via the Cricut message board. Can you please post a tutorial so that us newbies can try it out?

    I also adore your little Cocker. I have three darlings myself, and it is the sweetest breed. I love them so very much.

  3. tmdivo, I posted above how to get to the tutorial on the pleating. Try it it's fun. Shari

  4. WOW awesome layout!!!Love the colors
    wow I have the same blog background on my 365 project blog....made me feel ar home!

  5. Whar a pretty layout! Reminising, huh? I go back and look at some of my son's pictures when he was small and laugh at some of the "cute" things he used to do and now he's 37 and I'm still laughing at some of the "cute" things he does -- LOL! Maybe I'll attempt a scrapbook one day soon -- I've never done one before!