Thursday, January 14, 2010


I filmed my first video yesterday of my new scrapping space. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get it on the computer and to my blog. So......I guess the next best thing is pictures.CLICK ON PICS. TO MAKE THEM LARGER!!!!!
This first pic. is the view as you come down the stairs, yes my area is in the basement. I'd rather be upstairs, but I couldn't have all this room.

This is the view from the other side of the basement. I just love it. It's very functional but kind of pretty too.

The tables I got at IKEA, $19.99 each. I couldn't pass them up. They are a little narrow but very sturdy. If I have someone come to scrap with me, I have some 8 ft. tables I can set up.

Here's Maggie, she thinks she's queen of scrappers! She always follows me down, to see what she can get into.

This is my favorite wall:
I visited a blog : Feathers in my nest. Angie had pics. displayed of her new scrapping space. She had a couple of these drawer units. (I just loved them, the drawers are shallow and you can see everything you have in them.) Angie, you started something! Thanks.
So after Christmas, I was off on a two hour drive to IKEA.

This wall has a cabinet I've had for years that I re-vamped and put shelves for my patterned paper. To the left of this cabinet is my card stock paper rack. I found this at a Hallmark store going out of business. I ordered the clear acrylic racks off e-bay, it's on wheels and twirls, I love it. Next to that is a rack my best friend found at a store going out of business. It holds so much stuff. I have all my vinyl, my carts, buttons and flowers. The other side has all my glass stuff to etch, all my plates and tiles to vinyl. On the top rack is all my scrapbooks that are finished.

This is a close up of my two drawer units, as you can see, I labeled some of the drawers with wallpops and my cricut. In-between them is my paper scraps sorted by color.
And of course there's my big bug, I can't scrap without her.

This is my dress form that I've had for years. I collect the old rhinestone jewelry and pin them all over her. I love the sparkle!!!!

I originally had it up-stairs in my bedroom. Until I saw Angie's blog, she had so much pretty stuff and I loved the look. I thought maybe I could dress up the basement feel of it. I like it, now I can sit and scrap surrounded by some of my favorite things.

This is my new ott light I got for Christmas and a couple of bigel rails from IKEA. I cricuted the inside of these plastic containers with bugs.

This display case, my husband brought home from work. They were throwing it out!!! He told them, "My wife could use that" I was so excited, it works great to display my newest projects before I put them in books. Or send out cards. On top of the cabinet is my new bind it all. I havn't had a chance to use it yet, but will soon. Next to it is Robyn, My Pink Stamper's dvd. I love it, I made almost all of the projects on it. You need this!
Sorry I couldn't show you the video. If I figure it out, i'll post it later.
Let me know what you think of my space or if you have any questions. I love comments on my blog, so if you'd take the time to follow me and leave me a comment I'd love it.
Thanks, Shari


  1. I absolutely LOVE your scrap space. Can I move in w/ you? (LOL) LOVE how you organized everything! And your wall art is gorgeous! What a happy place to craft!!

  2. What a great space! I love the drawers as well. It looks like I will have to get some as well! Thanks again!

  3. Cute I love it. So neat.. I look around me and I have such a mess... and made this mess creating 2 pages! lol Going to paint my room.. thought of going for mauves... maybe I go lighter since I'm in the basement too!

  4. love your room. I saw your post on the Cricut mb.

  5. Great space!! I love love love your dressform!! She is so beautiful!!!

  6. What a wonderful space Shari! I can only wish that someday I can move out of my bedroom and have my own scrappy space! Enjoy it knowing there are many others drooling over your crafting space!!
    BTW...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

  7. Hey, thanks!and I truly love your room. I will come back another day without rushing.

  8. Love your room! Wish my room was even half as organized as yours is - mine is a mess and cluttered.

  9. I love your wide open space. Ooooh, I wish I had room for a TV too. And I adore the jeweled dress form. The vinyl on your drawers is exactly what I want to do. Thanks for checking out my room and sharing yours as well.

  10. Congratulations on starting a blog recently (as did I!), and for creating such a fun space. I love it!

  11. Wow!! I love your room. It is beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Oh what a great space! It is fabulous. You're a lucky girl.

  13. Love your room!!! Ikea is one of my fav places to get sb organizational stuff from. Thanks for sharing your room with us :-)

  14. Love your room. It is great...... Also now a follower.

  15. What a lovely room! You are going to make a lot of people jealous when they see this. I was happy to have a 6X8 foot space of my own in our sunroom; but now.......I'm green with envy!

  16. I am loving it!!! So organized and fun looking! I have a corner of our bedroom but would love to have a space like that! Have fun creating in your lovely room! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Beautiful space. I love the dress form. I have so much old rhinestone costume jewelry that belonged to my grandmother that I was going to display in a shadow box, but now I think I may have to find a dress form.

  18. i have some serious craft space envy going on here! Totally green!

  19. Oh my gosh! I love your space and am so jealous! I do not have a scrap space.

    I totally love your dress form! When I was growing up my mother was a seamstress and used one of these. We called her Gertrude, and she was like a member of the family! LOL!

  20. OHHH I LOVE your room!!!!

  21. Love your space!! I'm trying to organize mine while I'm on vacation this week! I've also signed on to be a follower of your blog! Nice job!

    Maquel (Paper Maine-iac)