Monday, April 12, 2010

New BABY arrangement

My DD informed me tonight that her class was having a small surprise baby shower for her teacher who is leaving on maternity leave. Mom, could you make something? This is what I came up with in 2 hrs. I used Gypsy Wanderings, Stretch Your Imagination and Wild Card carts for this. Let me know what you think! (Sorry the pic. aren't great, I had to take them tonight since she's taking it to school tomorrow.)


  1. Your arrangement is so adorable! What a nice idea for a centerpiece!
    Lorraine :0)

  2. I love it! I especially like the color choices, very fun and vibrant unlike the more "traditional" baby pastels :)

  3. Shari, that is great!!! I agree it'd make a wonderful centerpiece!!!

    Thanks for your entry in the showcase, it was great too! I hope you come and play again!! Still got plenty of awards to go around!!!

  4. So very cute Shari!!


  5. What an adorable project, I love it!