Monday, August 2, 2010

I Have My First Blinkie!!

Check out my new BLINKIE! I entered a contest on Kathy's blog ( and won a Blinkie design from Bea at:
Isn't it ADORABLE!! Thanks so much Bea, I love it.
Now everyone can grab my blinkie and post it Anywhere! Shari


  1. Shari, I love your blinkie! so cute... I am off to check Bea out. She has the same name as me!

  2. Congrats on the blinkie. I love it. I'm off to add it to my blog right now.

  3. What a cute blinkie- i will have to check that out myself.
    I have left you an award on my blog if you would like to go pick it up.

  4. Congrats... Shari!! That is toooo cute!! I see that debbiebakk left you an award... Well, I did too... hope it's not the same one... Have a wonderful day!!! Hugs!!!

  5. hi thank you for coming over to my blog.
    to enter for a mini album I think this weeks is on the second page so you have to go to older post and you will find a title that say free mini albums here I have a new one every week so if you dont get in this week you can try again and for that matter every week I pick a winner every thurs and mail them on tues after I give a instructional on the one I picked.

  6. Your cards are beautiful and your blinkie is too cute! Thanks for playing in Blog Hop too!