Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Scrapping Space

Here is a slide show of my scrapping space. My space is in the basement and not actually a room. The canisters you see contain my crocheted flowers, I learned to make on-line. The rack you see that has acrylic shelves, my friend found at a store going out of business. ( It holds my scrapbooks, glass items for etching, supplies for odd projects, my cuttlebug folders, rubber stamps, mats etc.) My cardstock paper rack I bought at a hallmark shop going out of business. I ordered acrylic paper trays on eBay. It spins and is on rollers, so it's very convenient. As you can see my E has a cover on it I got from Renique, it's great! The plastic tower you see with the drawers holds all my paper scraps. ( I have certain colors in each drawer.) The white cabinet with drawers holds all my misc supplies and on the left all my patterned paper. The white rack with the small jars, I found at a second hand store and it holds all my brads, buttons etc.It was a spice rack and I'm looking for another one of these but no luck so far. And the dogggie you see in the background, is my maggie all grown up, she's 1 yr. old now.
Click on a picture if you want to see it larger.


  1. What a great room! I love it! Two things, your dog is so cute is she part poodle and part cocker? I love The Little Couple show you are watching too LOL My DD is a Little Person and I have big dreams for her just like Jen. :-)
    N from the Cricut board

  2. Great space, wow r u organized, your dog is just too cute, thanks for sharing your space ,

  3. Shari - thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your blog. I still have a lot to learn but it will just be a work in progress :o)

    Caroline (carolinescraftography)